Borg Warner/Velvet Drive

Velvet Drive Transmissions, once part of Borg Warner, is an industry leader in marine and industrial transmissions and gearboxes, setting standards for gasoline and diesel marine transmissions alike since the mid-1950s.

Velvet Drive became a Division of Regal-Beloit Corporation in January 1995, and their range of transmissions is used in ski boats, inboard cruisers, sport fishing boats, sailboats, trawlers, yachts, and other vessels.

Velvet Drive’s products include:

  • Liberty Series
  • Liberty Series 72L-HP and 72L-H
  • 5000V Series
  • 5000A Series
  • 1017/71C Series
  • 1018/72C Series
  • 1004 V-Drive Series
  • 1005 V-Drive Series

Each product offers something different, depending on the type of vessel it inhabits.

These attributes include a dry sump design to reduce parasitic impact, lightweight materials, electric and manual shift options, interchangeability, low-noise designs, and a variety of sizes, types of housing, and reduction ratios.

The Liberty Series 72L-HP and 72L-H is the newest transmission available to date and key features include lightweight design, anti-parasite precautions, 6500 RPM, and easy interchangeability with existing models both from Velvet Drive and its competitors.


Kanzaki Kokyukoki Mfg. Go, Ltd. is a Japanese marine transmission company, founded in 1947 and now a wholly owned as a subsidiary of Yanmar Company Limited. With factories in North America, Europe, and around the world, Kanzaki powers a variety of watercraft, including fishing boats and pleasure crafts, both hydraulic and mechanical, with a selection of transmissions built to accommodate a range of sizes, needs, and speeds.

We have a variety of parts for Kanzaki transmissions in our shop.


The Zeppelin Foundation (ZF) has been a leading global developer and supplier for Driveline and Chassis Technology since 1915 and is the world’s largest transmission manufacturer.

They currently hold 117 production companies in 26 countries, employing 70,000 people worldwide.

Hurth ZF’s products range from transmission systems to chassis components and from complete axle systems to and modules, and they provide for marine, industrial, commercial, personal, and military vehicles. Their goal is to create and enhance their systems in order to provide a smooth, safe, and comfortable driving experience.

With a power range from 10 to 14,000 kW, the smaller mechanical transmissions can be used in sailboats, while the hydraulic models are suited to pleasure craft and other vessels requiring bursts of powerful speed. Larger hydraulically operated transmissions are available for industrial craft and high-speed ferries, and commercial vehicles like freighters and tankers can make use of heavier models designed for medium-speed diesel engines.

We have a variety of parts in stock for Hurth/ZF Boat Transmissions.


Paragon Marine Transmissions are manufactured under the umbrella of the Great Lakes Power Companies, based in Mentor, Ohio, offering both mechanical and hydraulic marine transmissions.

Paragon’s hydraulic units are often found on Chris Craft, Chrysler, Universal, and other name brand engines.

Models include:

  • PM Series
  • PLV Series
  • PL Series
  • PMV Series
  • 1XE-4XE Series
  • HJA Series
  • HF7 Series
  • HJ7 Series
  • P200-P400 Series

Paragon also produces power-mated accessories, such as damper plates, oil coolers, and a neutral safety switch, that optimize the transmissions and enable long-term use.

Unfortunately, many Paragon Marine transmissions are obsolete. Many transmissions will not be repairable.

We have a variety of parts in stock for Paragon boat transmissions.

Antique Transmissions

We service transmissions made by Chriscraft, Capitol, Chrysler, Atomic Four, and others…